Pentalobe screw is iFixit just being daft?

Long time no update…   Well I am now developing a new website all about the pentalobe screw driver. That’s why I’ve not been posting on here of late.  There is method to my madness however. The pentalobe screw is

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MSI Updates for 2014

Hi folks apologies for the lack of updates on this website, I was going to build it into something useful for MSI users however I’ve just not had the time due to my other websites taking priority. The main site

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MSI Graphics cards, new for 2013

MSI News for March 2013 MSI have launched a few new graphics cards model numbers R7790-1GD5 R7790-1GD5/OC The OC version is as you guessed overclocked in the factory to a higher speed of, and I quote “1050mhz” What makes the

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Just found this video on’s website a little glimpse into the new products MSI will be launching this year. Laptop looks slick   And remember folks if your looking for discount codes for QuickQuid this site has the latest

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MSI Slider S20

I’ve being doing some research on MSI’s latest tablet/laptop combo the S20, the “S” stands for slider.  Having trawled youtube there are preview videos dating back to August 2012 however it’s been most talked about since the ever popular CES

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